What benefits does cooperation with me bring?

Cooperation with me means a lot of benefits for you and your business. For me Customer satisfaction goes beyond the initial recognition of high quality of the photos presented, it reaches much further.

What brings full satisfaction after a private session are photos that bring a smile on ones face even years later.

Full satisfaction from a business photoshoot means photos that are not just good looking.

It also means measurable benefits for your business that make the cost and effort put in the completion of your photo shoot go into oblivion and what’s left is only satisfaction and space for success.

Some of the benefits of cooperation with Tomasz Stolz Photography:

  • clear conditions supported by a contract
  • unlimited rights to use of photographs on all fields of use *
  • VAT invoice
  • active contact on every stage of the partnership.
  • on schedule, on time
  • creative and artistic view of the subject
  • openness to ideas and client’s expectations
  • advisory on preparation for the photo shoot
  • unique and unconventional nature of photography and fresh approach to the subject
  • high resolution photos created using professional grade equipment
  • work presented as an online gallery
  • photos provided in at least two copies on digital media (DVD/Blu-Ray/Flash Drive) **
  • photos shared in the cloud for you and your business partners for up to a year ***
  • distributed backup copy with no time limit – even if your media are gone you can always count on backup ****
  • discounts on selected services of marketing agencies partnered with Tomasz Stolz Photography *****
  • discounts on advertising in tourism-related portals owned by Tomasz Stolz Photography *****
  • discounts when shopping at my stock gallery *****
  • discounts on canvas prints *****

What about the fine print?

* – You don’t have to worry about paying twice for use of the photos in print and online. You can use them as you please regardless of territory or time and you get that confirmed on paper.

** – That’s free but the type of medium is usually determined by the size and quantity of photographs from the photo session.

*** – You receive login details for the online storage containing your photo shoot and you can share it as you please.

**** – Your photos are stored in a distributed backup and you can always ask for it. The only cost that you would incur is the cost of the media on which your new copy will be provided to you.

***** – the list of discounts as well as their value is variable and is not the subject of this contract. Discounts are given after the photoshoot is completed.