Tomasz Stolz

Meet me

Photography is my passion and the camera is with me constantly since 1998. I am a perfectionist and every frame I build is well thought-through down to the tiniest detail. Executing every order I am fully committed to it meeting your expectations. I work anywhere in the world.

I specialise in advertising photography for hotels, interiors and architecture. I feel great with my camera around musicians with whom I work on stages around the world. I am no stranger to reportage and people photography in any circumstances.

I learnt the trade on film cameras, cherishing every frame. Working in the darkroom and with traditional photo processing was my daily bread. Today I use world class, professional grade digital equipment – Canon EOS 1 cameras with professional lenses and lightning solutions. My roots in traditional photography translate into extreme precision, great timing and eye for every detail. I never rush – that guarantees beautiful shots every time.

Co-operating with photographers from around the world makes me ready for work anywhere in the world. If required your photo shoot could be dealt with by up to 5 professional photographers.

The references available on this website testify of the highest standard of Tomasz Stolz Photography’s services.

Have a look at my offer and let me know how can I be of service to you.

Hotel and guest houses

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This is the area of my expertise. From small guests houses, to agro- touristic farms and big hotels, from small pubs to big restaurants. Never in a hurry and with great care I take photos that present the atmosphere of your facilities. To make the perfect shot I will climb the roof or dive into the swimming pool (yes, I do underwater photography too). I make underwater photos as well. You may use the photos I take for  web galleries, brochures, billboards and they will help you sell your services. This is confirmed by lots of my clients. I cooperate with many advertising agencies and they may help you create your own catchy and unique webpage or advertisements if you wish.

Restaurants etc.

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The aim of Restaurant photography is to show it’s unique atmosphere, which you have created The food on the photographs has to look mouth-watering and colorful drinks make your potential customer thirsty. Traveling around the world I visit different types of places (hotel restaurants, bars, cafes, tea rooms, etc.) both as a photographer and a customer and I know the specific requirements of hospitality business. I know how to present your place in photographs that reflect the atmosphere, I know how to present the different dishes and encourage customers to visit your venue. I have extensive experience in restaurant, pub and other catering services photography as well as professional technical resources

Real Estate

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Are you looking to a guesthouse, an estate? Would you like to lease it? Professional photos will help you reach new clients and higher pricepoints. Even the best estate agent might not be enough. You need the best visual aspect of the offer you can get to catch the eye of your clients.


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Are you providing services? Are you looking to get a webpage or a brochure? You need photos that present your work well and encourage customers to visit you. Stay ahead of your competitors by letting me show off the best of your services!

general advertising photos

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I own a huge photo database with photos presenting the sea landscapes that may be used to promote the sea region or fill the gap on your webpage or brochure that presents your hotel. If you wish I will take photos of any region to promote your town, community or district. I will show the most important places but I will also look for the most beautiful details that often remain unnoticed by the passer-by. I can also take aerial photos.

News reports and documentaries

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With patience and withou a hurry I am looking for the best shots at sports events. I will report on important business meetings, personal or family gatherings, concerts, events. If needs be I will mix with the crowd or build good rapport with surrounding people. I will do anything for a good photo.


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I do not like being in a hurry. Working with people requires great effort, great communication and social skills to achieve the perfect outcome which is what I am always aiming for. Wedding photos, family photos, portraits and much more…


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Are you dreaming about a professional photo session like the one you have seen on TV or in the magazines. Put yourself to the test! Choose the place you like, where you feel comfortable or ask me and we will choose the best place for you together. Surprise your partner or your friends and let them discover the other you. Perfect gift for the ones you love!


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The most beautiful, unique wedding photoshoots in dreamy outdoors with one or two photographers. In addition to documenting the wedding itself we can offer outdoor shoots abroad during your honeymoon or on trips organised by us especially for your session.
Romantic Paris, amazing Norway, or maybe blissful Virgin Islands – it’s all up to you!